Shameless karaoke


Liz and Joe Mason run Shameless Karaoke KJ Services. Contact SK at caboosezine(at)yahoo(dot)com to hire karaoke services for your next party, protest or renegade karaoke endeavor.

Liz and Joe Mason met at Lounge Ax in Chicago in 1998, when it held monthly karaoke nights. Joe proposed marriage to Liz in the Mitsuwa Marketplace food court with the demand, “OK, so let’s get married and have our folks pay for a honeymoon in Japan.”

They were married in 2002, and featured karaoke at their tiki wedding.

On their trip to Japan, they went to every karaoke bar they could find in 12 days.

Since then, their karaoke fanaticism has led to an ever expanding karaoke collection, and has inadvertently led them to providing karaoke DJ (KJ) services for friends and family, which then led them to providing KJ services for various events including fundraisers, parties and performances.

Joe’s tattoo (above left) says “karaoke.” Liz’s tattoo (left lower) says “Live, Love Karaoke.”

Click here to see the Shameless Karaoke List of over 2500 songs.Shameless_Karaoke_files/Shameless_Karaoke.xls